maternity belly painting with fairy impact arts company
impact arts company maternity belly painting of lions

FAQ: Belly Painting

A: Yes! All of the bodypaint and glitter we use is FDA compliant, professional grade makeup made by makeup or face paint companies.

A: We have a studio space in Rochester, NY. Most often, we travel to the homes of our belly paint clients.

A: Yes! You can bring a friend to keep you company! When you book your session, discuss options that include family members also being painted!

A: Our team has basic photography training, and we can take the high-quality photos against a black backdrop. This is included in the price of your painting! We  can bring in our team of expert photographers for an additional fee, or you are welcome to recommend another photographer for us to work with.

A: This depends on your design, and we will discuss it when you book your session! Many models wear black pants and a black or white shirt that can be rolled up. Others wear pasties (provided by the artist) if their design will be larger. 

A: Bodypaint can be washed off with soap and water! Baby oil can be used on any stubborn pigment or on airbrush makeup.

A: Usually you bring your idea to us, then we do a sketch or discuss the idea with you to make sure it’s what you envisioned (and even better!). We can also offer suggestions when you contact us to book the session.